12 February 2016


Student Crew was established at North Hertfordshire College to provide students with an opportunity to work with the college internally or with external companies whilst studying. In addition, NHC's Student Crew has been designed to assist in finding full-time and part-time opportunities outside of the college.

Student Crew offers students the chance to cope financially better whilst studying, as well as providing valuable working skills that are sure to be essential in a students future career.

There are a number of hugely talented individuals that are already a part of Student Crew, looking to gain experience which will be invaluable as their careers progress. NHC's student population is diverse; with a variety of backgrounds, experience, skills and ambitions, there is bound to be a student that is right for the job.

In the 2012/2013 academic year, 230 students worked with Student Crew, filling over 26,000 hours of work!

current vacancy

job details

Company name: Glenray Jewellers

job title:   PART-TIME SALES ASSISTANTs        

location:          Letchworth and Hitchin- HERTFORDSHIRE

contact: email with CV to:  info@glenrayjewellers.co.uk


Job description:

Glenray Jewellers of Letchworth and Hitchin require Part-time Sales Assistants.

·        Experience preferred

·        Good communication Skills

·        Smartley dressed at all times

·        Must have a pleasant and confident manner with the public


email with CV to info@glenrayjewellers.co.uk      

Expiry date: 11/11/2015


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